Kristina Valcarce

Kristina Valcarce


This website is about my career as an opera and choral soprano and my experiences with music. You can read about what I'm doing, check out my resume, see photos and hear samples of my singing.

Please feel free to contact me for a headshot, resume and demo CD, or to inquire about my availability, and rates. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pasadena Star News:

“Kristina Valcarce [as Queen of the Night] was a sensation, handling every vocal difficulty with artless ease, glittering musically as her costume glittered in the lights.”

San Marino Tribune:

“Soprano Kristina Valcarce, the mechanical doll Olympia, stopped the show (as she did as the Queen of The Night in the Lyric’s ‘Magic Flute’), with her performance of the difficult aria ‘All the Birds in Woods and Bowers.’  This time, the applause was not only for her lovely coloratura but also for her acting the mechanical doll to perfection.”

Singerpreneur (A blog from Lauri'

Once the kids were situated, Wayland Rogers’ “Duermete Niño Lindo” put them to work, drawing us in with a sweet blended sound as soprano soloist Kristina Valcarce‘s light voice shimmered, and the adult choir sang gentle harmony in the background.  We were hooked. - See more at:”

Kristina Valcarce

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